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Walking for Weight Loss? It is Possible

Posted at November 23rd, 2018 | Categorised in Weight Loss

Most health expertise will suggest you to do the brisk walking around the environment which is considered to be the part of the cardio exercises. In accordance with walking for weight loss, you have to know that you have to go for 30 – 90 minutes every day during the whole week so that you will walk at least 2,5 hours for a week.

What you need to know is that you must walk fast enough or it is equal with the moderate-intensity exercise where it will increase 60 – 70 percent of the optimum heart rate. To monitor your exercise in the moderate intensity, you are supposed to take the advantages of the fitness app to monitor the heart rate for the sake of walking for weight loss.

If you are a new for walking for weight loss, you need to manage your time for 10 minutes and as you are accustomed to go walking, you can increase the duration longer for 30 minutes per period of walking after doing warming up. Do not intend to skip your move in particular day, since the consistency will help you burn more calorie and enhance the metabolism system. Again, do not force yourselves since you need to have break for some moments when you discover yourselves worn out.

walking for weight loss

walking for weight loss

As you go for walking for weight loss, you are also urged to maintain your weight loss goal with the help of taking more intense physical activity as you eat less calories. Sometimes, people are too busy with their job so that it makes difficult for them to set aside the time to enjoy the brisk walk for more than 30 minutes. To deal with it, you can do 10 minutes brisk pace or just go for the higher intervals such as walking up and down the stairs that will keep you fit during the whole day. therefore, it is said that walking for weight loss is the profound way-out to loss the weight.

Now, it deals with the amount of calorie you will burn for most of the day during 30 minutes walk. As it depends on the weight, you will be able to cut down 200 – 600 calories per hour. It is said that in the initial stage of the walking for weight loss, your body will burn the sugar in the form of fuel. In sum, you are not supposed to be so worried when you are in obesity, since you can cut down the calorie and gain the satisfying results.

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