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How To Have A Super Model – Like Body Shape With Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Posted at October 2nd, 2018 | Categorised in Weight Loss

Both men and women have something in common to have good body shape, since it enhances the self-confidence. It sometimes takes a long time to lose weight and people are obliged to go for strict diet as well as regular best exercise to lose weight. Surprisingly, you can drop your weight drastically within a week without dying for foods. To deal with it, below we provide you with some suggestions as what Dr. Charlie Seltzer, MD said.

1. Drink more water

We all know that water plays the important role in metabolism system. As you skimp on the fluids, it will cause the release of anti diuretic hormone so that it causes water retention that greatly affects to the scale. Provided with this condition, you are obliged to drink more water and do not miss the best exercise to lose weight too. A study says that keeping the body hydrated will help you to enhance weight loss and prevent the puffiness and bloating in your face.


2. Do not excessively do regular exercise

If you dream of having super model – like body shape, you are not suggested to do excessive exercise, since your weight will not lose within a week, Dr. Seltzer says. As you want to know more best exercise to lose weight by doing bent-over row exercise, push ups and doing cardio, you are suggested to do resistance training since it will lead to the loss of one or two pounds as the result of body inflammatory response.

3. Do not be demanding of losing weight too fast

In attempt to cut down the fat in your body, you are suggested to maintain your eating habit healthier. Do eat fewer calories per day since it will help you to reduce the fat in your body. But, do not try to go for strict diet such as skipping the breakfast or restricting to consume carbs because it is not absolutely healthy. In accordance with it, the statement on best exercise to lose weight can be simply answered to be one or two pounds. If you lose drastically until 5 pounds, it can be regarded unsafe.

There are many ways on how to slim down your body and one of them is to do best exercise to lose weight and to maintain the healthy eating habit. As you go for that, you are also supposed to keep dehydrated so that it also helps you to cut down the fat in your face as well. So, if you really want to slim down for a week and lose up to two pounds, you can follow as what it is briefly elaborated above.

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