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In dealing with how fast can you lose weight, what should the average weight loss be?

Posted at October 11th, 2018 | Categorised in Weight Loss

When it comes to how fast can you lose weight, people commonly take the advantages of the number of programs or products. It is said that shedding some pounds for several days are quite tempting but you have to know more about how to deal with it safely and effectively.

As stated by Nisu Basu, MD, what you have to consider is about losing the percentage of the weight rather than the number of pounds and for some men, losing 10% – 15% are quite normal for some reasons to start with. For instance, people with 225 pounds will lose approximately 22 – 34 pounds.

It is said that the first weigh-in might be quite dramatic since the scale needle will show you satisfying downtick during the first week due to the changing regular habits. As what Basu says in dealing with how fast can you lose weight that losing some pounds in the initial week means to lose water weight and this is the result of your body which is now in the calorie deficit mode. When the body depletes the glycogen as the fuel, it is the actual process of weight loss starts.

how fast can you lose weight 

how fast can you lose weight

In some condition, in accordance with how fast can you lose weight, apart from burning some glycogen as the fuel, you have to create the balance of going for cardio that will lead to the gradual weight loss.

Do not forget to consume some protein because it also helps you not to lose some pounds. As Basu says that as you increase the muscle mass, it will help you to sustain your weight loss so it is quite imperative to train your strength for this reasons.

As you go for losing some pounds, needless to say, you also always hear that someone successfully lose 1 – 2 pounds in a week while some others say that they lose about 20 pounds during the short period of weight loss. What you need to know about how fast can you lose weight is that you will gain more weight after losing many pounds.

If you experience this thing, we assure you to change your diet program since it will be harmful for your health condition in the long term period.

So, what you have to do in dealing with how fast can you lose weight is to see your medical expertise and ask what you have to go for healthy losing weight. Do not forget asking about the percentage of your weight to lose. Here, you will go slower changes that take time but it will yield the best result that is not totally harmful for your health.

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